Головна Accreditation



Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary (UETS) is the only interdenominational
seminary in the post-Soviet space that has European accreditation for master’s and
bachelor’s programs. The seminary has obtained institutional accreditation from the
European Council for Theological Education (ECTE) as an alternative provider of higher
education in 1998 together with programme accreditation for the following programmes
(Bachelor in Theology and Christian Ministry (residential), EQF level 6 (2009), Bachelor in Theology and Christian Ministry (non-residential) EQF level 6
(2010), Master of Theology in Transformative Leadership (non-
residential) EQF level 7 (2015), Master in Mission in the Modern City
(non-residential) EQF level 7 (2021).Information about UETS’ accreditation can be
viewed at the following link


ECTE accreditation of alternative providers of higher education indicates that the
learning opportunities offered by Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary are
compliant with the European Standards and Guidelines for higher education and attests
to the level of the learning opportunities according to the EQF. Information on EСTE’s
accreditation policy can be viewed at the following link


In addition, a European-style diploma provides an opportunity to continue studying in
European countries, the USA and has many other advantages. However, ECTE
accreditation is not counted by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine as identical to state

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