Art Therapy

Certificate. Online / Distance Mode
Admission will start in 2025 Year

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Program Goals

To train professionals, volunteers and people involved in ministry with art therapy techniques that can improve the quality of diagnosis and help with individual and group counseling.

This Program Will Be Beneficial to

  • Psychologists
  • Pastors and Ministry Leaders
  • Social Workers
  • Those Who Want to Serve in the Field of Art Therapy

Admission requirements

  • Belonging to a local church
  • Certificate of Complete Secondary Education
  • Full 22 years and above

Program Details

  • Format: Online/Distance Learning
  • Degree: Certificate after 2 year of study
  • Duration: 3 sessions (2 weeks each) per year

Tuition Cost

  • Tuition - UAH 14,100/year
  • Accommodation and Meals – On Request
  • Accommodation - UAH 3,630 per year
  • Meals - UAH 5,400 per year
  • The annual fee can be paid in parts, separately for each session

Enhanced Character

Enhanced Character

  • Spiritual and personal maturity and personal responsibility
  • Emotional stability and a self-awareness
  • Empathy

Broadened Knowledge

  • Understanding of the basic concepts of art therapy categories and types
  • Introduction to each of the basic methods and a group of innovative methods
  • Understanding of art therapy specifics when using in crisis counseling

Refined Skills

  • Knowledge of healthy sustainable counseling tools
  • Understanding the specifics of using art therapy in crisis counseling
  • Ability to integrate art therapy techniques/methods and the ability to modify them

Curriculum Intro

  • Theology and Psychology Integration Modes

    The course examines different approaches to the interaction of two knowledge systems - theology and psychology.

  • Developmental Psychology

    The course presents a holistic view on personality from the perspective of one's age, introduces the main developmental problems and attempts to solve them; sensitive periods of a person's development at different stages of individual growth; specific aspects of the mental processes of emotional, volitional, social and motivational spheres of personality.

  • Linguistic Creativity

    One of the areas of art therapy that helps the ability to find the most accurate and effective language tools for effective communication in the shortest possible time.

  • Basic Isotherapy

    An art therapy that involves the use of visual arts and opportunities for personal development.

  • Systematic Theology: Soteriology

    The course introduces students to the theology of salvation in its various aspects, historically developed approaches to understanding salvation, and a holistic and balanced biblical view of salvation.

  • Systematic Theology: Theological Anthropology and Hamartiology

    The course is aimed at studying two Christian doctrines: Anthropology, the doctrine of man, and Hamartiology, the doctrine of sin. The first part of the course deals with questions about man: human nature, the meaning of the image of God in man, theories of the origin of man, his value, and the components of man (spirit, soul, and body). The second part deals with the question of what sin means.

  • Innovative Isotherapy

    Innovative isotherapy is a therapy with visual arts, primarily drawing. The subject currently includes coffee drawing technique, intuitive drawing and neurography.

  • Psychological Counseling Skills and Techniques

    The course is designed to introduce students to modern approaches of psychological counseling practice; develop practical skills; form moral and ethical standards and responsibility; and to understand professional identity and develop professional competence. The goal is to equip students with the basic technologies of psychological counseling by discovering the specifics of working with different categories of clients and their needs.

  • Sand Therapy

    Sand therapy involves deep work with human emotions, provides an opportunity to analyze many behavioral strategies, opens access to suppressed states, and activates creativity and exploratory interest.

  • Phototherapy

    An area of art therapy related to the use of photography to solve various psychological problems, as well as to develop and harmonize the personality.

  • Collages and Art Books

    Collage and art books allow us to reveal the potential capabilities of a person, to organize their sensory experience and to structure information through visual representation.

  • Crisis Counseling

    The course introduces students to the general principles and methods of working in crisis situations; provides an opportunity to develop skills and techniques of counseling and psychological support for people in crisis situations.

  • Music Therapy

    Music therapy is an art therapy that uses music and musical instruments to treat emotional states in case of communication difficulties, as well as to treat various somatic and psychosomatic diseases. Music therapy is based on the psychotherapeutic effect of music on people.

  • Round Objects and Circle Drawing Therapy

    Drawing in a circle and/or using round objects gives a person the opportunity to get acquainted with one's complex qualities, identify possible solutions to problems and build a resource state.

  • Group Counseling

    The course introduces students to the theoretical principles and methods of counseling various groups, and provides an opportunity to gain first-hand experience of group counseling in the classroom.

  • Group Art Therapy Techniques

    Group art therapy techniques are designed for working in pairs or groups. They help to identify group dynamics, group roles and expectations, and possible prospects for group development.

  • Cinema Therapy

    Cinema therapy is a system of methods that promote spiritual and mental healing of the client, acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities in the course of working with one's reactions received before, during and after watching films, cartoons, shows, clips and any other audiovisual video.

  • Psychological Counseling and Psycho Correction for Children and Teenagers

    Teaching objectives: to develop students' professional knowledge and skills in the field of psychotherapy with children and teenagers, to promote a complete and deeper understanding of the essence of various approaches to psychocorrection for children and teenagers, to develop basic knowledge of the psychotherapeutic process.

  • Fairy Tale Therapy

    Fairy Tale therapy involves using the healing metaphorical potential of storytelling.

  • Bibliotherapy

    Bibliotherapy involves using parables and other texts, analyzing their metaphorical meaning, and understanding behavioral patterns, followed by choosing the most effective of them.

  • Systematic Theology

    The course is dedicated to studying the doctrine of God (Theology) and the doctrine of Christ and the Holy Spirit (Christology and Pneumatology). Particular attention is paid to defining the nature of faith in the Christian God, describing Him, and understanding the role of the Trinity in salvation and the daily walk of a Christian.

  • Systematic Theology: Ecclesiology and Eschatology

    The course is designed to introduce students to the doctrine of the Church (Ecclesiology), the essence, goals and forms of its governance of the Christian Church, as well as the doctrine of the last days (Eschatology), the events of the ‘end times’ and approaches to their interpretation.

  • Psychological Counseling on Addiction

    The course studied how chemicals affect individual areas of the human body and the whole person. Students learn to diagnose the problem and provide care using methods based on clinical research and practice standards.

  • Physical and Dance Therapy

    This type of art therapy is associated with the use of the combined potential of rhythm, music, dance, and color in the context of physical experience.

  • Family Counseling

    The course is intended to study the basic concepts of family and marriage psychology, theoretical and methodological approaches of counseling and psycho-corrective influence on spouses and family relationships; to develop the ability to diagnose family, child-parent and marital relationships, as well as to carry out preventive and counseling work with families using the methods of modern family counseling, correction, prevention and psychoeducation (education).

  • Landscape Therapy

    This type of therapy requires a person to go outside the art therapy room: walks in the fresh air, searching and using discovered objects and materials, and creating art objects from them.

  • Techniques of Psychosocial Training / Psychosocial Training

    The course is focused on studying the patterns and dynamics of people's group activity during psychological training, social and psychological influences; getting acquainted with various forms of work during group interaction, as well as mastering the basics of developing and conducting psychological training, analyzing group dynamics and the main approaches, techniques and tools of modern psychological training.

  • Puppet Therapy

    Puppet therapy is a method of psychological correction of various conditions with the help of puppets. It is used in various areas of psychotherapy.

  • Psychosomatics and Human Psychological Health Fundamentals

    The course introduces students to the concept and basic criteria of psychological health and the relationship between the human body and psyche, as well as the causes of psychosomatic disorders and diseases. Students also learn the basic principles of diagnosing and providing psychological assistance in working with people.

  • Metaphorical Association Cards

    Studying the subject will help students to develop the projective, diagnostic, and therapeutic functions of using metaphorical cards as a tool for a practical psychologist, which allows them to work in an individual and group format.

  • Game Therapy

    A method of therapeutic influence on children and adults using a game. The game helps to establish emotionally close relationships, relieves tension, fear of people around, as it brings out the childish aspect of behavior and thoughts.

  • Art Techniques in Dealing with Fears and Phobias

    The psychology of working through fears and phobias is based on a simple pattern: fear can be overcome. The subject is based on mastering techniques for overcoming phobias through the influence of art.

  • Working with Clay Art Techniques

    Clay therapy has a special potential for developing emotional intelligence.

  • Dough Modeling

    Dough modeling is the making of decorative items from salt dough, plasticine and other similar materials. This course will also cover foil modeling.

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