UETS Prayer Requests

Головна Місія UETS Prayer Requests


Let us share the latest developments and current prayer requests of the seminary:


Today is day 200 of the unprovoked Russian invasion into Ukraine… The situation is the frontlines is eventually changing. In the last week or so, the Ukrainian Army has been successfully retaking its territories, which were previously occupied by the Russian Federation. The counteroffensives in the north-east and south of the country are marked with serious battlefield defeats of the Russian Army which is pulling its troops back, but also casualties among the Ukrainian military. So, prayers are needed for the wounded, and also families of the killed.


Though the ongoing war is not the best time for studying, we are optimistic about the new school year, which started a week ago. We would appreciate prayers about the enrollment campaign in our non-residential Applied Theology program which will be underway for two more weeks. We are inspired to receive applications from committed Christians willing to become competent ministers in the war-torn Ukraine.


To meet the needs of the Church and society, we have launched several new programs. In particular, we have admitted the second cohort of students into our short-term counseling program and the first cohort of students in our new program in Family Ministry. Considering a number of traumatized people around and family members living apart, these programs are very relevant in the Ukrainian context today.


Our educational ministry in Central Asia is developing. As you might know, in addition to the Applied Theology program for pastors and other church ministers, we have expanded our presence there this year by launching a new counseling program. We are happy that we have this opportunity to serve not only in Ukraine but also in the Muslim Central Asian region.


The process of fixing windows is gradually coming to its end. There are just a few left to be fixed or replaced. We are very glad to have it done since it has been quite cold recently, especially at nights. Also, with a new roof built over the maintenance building, we are about to launch the process of restoration of its facades which were also damaged by the Russian artillery in the spring. The top priority for us at the moment, however, is our cafeteria, in particular fixing the damaged heating system, installing new radiators and replacing windows. Pray, please, so that we could make it before the cold weather in October.




Continue praying, please, for the ongoing relief ministry. In addition to our academic activities, we try to be helpful for the society, feeding the needy on our campus (we keep on serving from 1200 to 1500 hot meals a week) and delivering humanitarian aid to the warzone in Eastern Ukraine.



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