Value of Partnership

Головна Про УЄТС Value of Partnership


With more than 4 months of the war behind, we appreciate even more the value of partnership. Despite all horrors of the most brutal and bloody war in the human history since WWII, we have witnessed many miracles that God has performed through our joint ministry with our partners from all over the world.


As a matter of fact, when the war began, we had just our hands and hearts willing to serve our suffering nation. But due to many faithful people supporting our ministry financially and standing for us in their unceasing prayers, a small bunch of volunteers of Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary and Ukrainian Bible Society have managed so far to do the following:


· to evacuate hundreds of people from the warzone
· to deliver more than 500 tons of humanitarian aid to different war victims
· to distribute more than 50 000 Bibles and other items of Christian literature
· to provide pastoral care to thousands of soldiers and civilians
· to serve dozens of thousands of hot meals to the needy
· to start repair and restoration works of some damaged facilities on our campus


What we have received instead were tons of smiles and words of thanks from a great number of evacuees, residents hiding on bomb shelters, people from liberated areas who had been through real nightmare of barbaric occupation, people still staying in hot spots close to the frontlines, etc.


We firmly believe that, at this time, such an incarnational mission through presence in the form of good deeds and comforting words is the best way to demonstrate the love of Christ to our suffering nation.


We are also fully aware of the fact that the war is unlikely to end any time soon and the number of war victims is growing exponentially on a daily basis. We continue serving around 1 200 hot meals a week, distributing food packages among residents of remote villages which were under occupation, delivering humanitarian aid to the war zone, supporting our partner churches where our graduates and students serve the internally displaced and refugees, etc.


Therefore, we would like to thank yet again all of you who, being an indispensable part of this ministry, make it possible. We are enormously grateful for your missional vision, prayers, finances and all other feasible support that you provide.


May the Lord richly bless you!

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