Incarnational Presence

Головна Incarnational Presence


Incarnational mission, we taught about in our classrooms, must involve being in close proximity with others. We cannot love and serve those God has sent us to from a distance. For this reason, our team of volunteers made up of UETS faculty, students and graduates, along with representatives of the Ukrainian Bible society, continues serving those in need.

In recent days, due to God’s grace and support of our friends, we have:


  • evacuated around 250 people from the war zone to Western Ukraine
  • helped hundreds of people, including dozens of mothers with their children, escape the zone of intense fighting
  • distributed tons of food among people hiding in basements and bomb shelters, and also the elderly confined to their homes
  • delivered two full bag packs of medications (mostly fever and pain relief) to bomb shelters


People, whose stories are worth sharing separately (they had spent 6 days in basements without mobile connection, water, food, electricity), keep asking if we deliberately risk our lives to help them rather than stay in relative safety. When they hear our positive answer and learn a real reason why we do it, they promise to come to the seminary after the war is over. This is the best testimony assuring us that we are doing what the Church is called to do. In fact, it is really difficult to hold back tears when we talk to them.


Moreover, these activities enable us to share the Gospel and pray with people. We explain the root of evil and comfort them in their grief, fear and despair. Despite all horrors the Ukrainian nation is facing, we can see that God is on the move, using our hands. All praise be to Him!

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