Life and Ministry at the Seminary

Головна Про УЄТС Life and Ministry at the Seminary


Thank you for being the ones we can share our hearts with at this challenging time. We enormously appreciate your prayers and all feasible support that you provide. The following are our current news and new prayer requests:


Having delivered dozens of tons of humanitarian aid to Borodianka, Bucha, Horenka, Sumy, Chernihiv, Slaviansk, Kramatorsk, next week our volunteers plan to embark on a mission trip to Kharkiv, which has been suffering from regular shelling for a long time, with more than 2 000 buildings destroyed in the city. So, prayers for safety of the team and people to be served by them will be appreciated.


With no students physically on the campus, our kitchen staff have undertaken to direct their efforts to baking bread, organizing food packages (around 300 hot meals each time) and delivering them to some remote villages in the Kyiv region which were under occupation, where many needy elderly people live. Pray for these missionary endeavors too.



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Also, last week we resumed feeding the needy from the seminary neighborhood at our cafeteria. What is important local people, eating together with our faculty and staff who are on the campus, receive not only hot meals but psychological and pastoral care. We have deliberately committed ourselves to this mission so that no one in our community stayed hungry physically or spiritually.


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Our new short-term 6-week training for lay counselors, we launched two weeks ago, is underway. The course is intended for church ministers and volunteers who often are the first to help and listen to war victims. Pray, please, for the auditors to be used by God to relieve the misery of the Ukrainian people suffering from numerous war traumas.


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Despite the current circumstances and all accompanying difficulties, UETS continues performing its mission of training national church leaders both in Ukraine and beyond. Pray, please, about our residential and non-residential students who are currently learning online and our students of applied theology in Central Asia who are passing their modular sessions.

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