Rising Toll of the War

Головна Місія Rising Toll of the War


The war in Ukraine is still taking its toll, which testifies to the scope of the suffering inflicted on the Ukrainian nation. According to recent estimates, since February 24, 2022, when the war broke out, …


– 10 million Ukrainians become internally displaced and 6.5 million people fled to other countries

– more than 5 thousand civilians have got killed and more than 6 million injured or wounded (the number of casualties among the military is kept in secret, but, taken the intensity of the warfare, it is sure to be rather high, with many families losing their loved ones on a daily basis)

– 358 children have got killed and 684 children have got wounded or injured

– 7 million Ukrainian children have become the children of war

– 116 thousand residential buildings have been either damaged or completely ruined, among them 16.1 thousand multistoried buildings

– 800 thousand people have lost their homes and 3.5 million people are facing the need to fix damage caused to their households

– 2188 educational institutions have been damaged and 221 educational institutions have been completely destroyed

– 118 hospitals have been destroyed and 628 hospitals have been damaged

– 173 church buildings have been destroyed.


We believe that this kind of reminder can help all of us not to get tired of praying for Ukraine and Ukrainians at this difficult time. We are thankful to everyone who has been doing this for more than 170 days of this deadly war…

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