Kyrylo Proshko

I graduated from UETS with a bachelor’s degree  and immediately began to apply the knowledge I gained, teaching in the Bible school at my church. This showed me how practical the material I had covered was and how necessary it was for the church. So, I was very happy when six months later the seminary invited me to become an assistant in the program “Mission in the Modern City.”  I helped to launch the program and I was the first student in this program. For this reason, I know the program well from different angles.


Looking back, I realize how much different aspects of the program have played in my formation as a  minister and have had a profound effect on me: the example of the instructors’ ministry and their dedication to ministering in their cities, their love to cities as God-centered spaces; materials that I needed to process and write my works based on them, then they became an important support for me in my ministry, preaching and teaching. And, of course, I was influenced by student ministers who studied at the same time as me, and by our constant discussions, exchange of experience, and partnerships. I really liked it and I was inspired by it all.


Now that I have acquired some knowledge and skills while studying at UETS, I minister to the seminary students, deliver lectures within different courses, which in many cases are based on the works recommended for reading by those pursuing their master’s degree. I help these students in their practical ministry, which they mostly have in the cities. I also minister in the International Mission in the New Churches Discovery Department and am a pastor of a young church in Kyiv that seeks to minister its city in a variety of ways and through a variety of ministries. Therefore, because of this diverse ministry, I have the opportunity to use all the knowledge and skills I gained while studying for the master’s degree in the “Mission in the Modern City” program.



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