Polina Antoniuk

The seminary is God’s calling, God’s blessing in my life. I was well aware that I wanted to study here, and God led me here. After graduating from a secular university, people around me expected me to “calm down” and go to work, but my heart was calling me here. And not in vain. This is my shelter, my place of formation and place of strengthening. It was difficult to study, especially to study music subjects, without having a single music lesson before. It was hard to discipline myself and even just believe that everything would work out. But God did not leave me and gave me strength to reach the goal.


I wholeheartedly advise you to enroll here, because there is a place and activity for everyone here, if we move towards it: towards knowledge, new acquaintances and drastic changes in the heart. Here everyone will find their depth.


Be ready to work hard, then the time will be a blessing!

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