April Study Sessions at UETS

Головна April Study Sessions at UETS

In April, we were happy to welcome students of the Transformative Leadership and Mission in the Modern City Master’s programs, as well as students of the Fundamentals of Christian Care and Psychological Counseling program, on the UETS campus. 


It was a great time filled with contemplation on the Word of God, deep dialogues and discussions, as well as personal and mutual discoveries that drew us closer to fulfilling our holistic and incarnational mission.


At the same time, our psychology students learned the basic concepts of family and marriage psychology, theory, and methods of how counseling influences spouses and family relationships. They also mastered the principles and methods of working with people in crisis situations.


Below we would like to share some of our students’ impressions about their study experience during this month’s modules. 


Veniamin Kovalenko, student of the “Mission in the Modern City” program, pastor of the Ukrainian Christian Church:


“This session has become a real blessing for me. The Leadership and the Life of a Servant discipline’s instructors shared important knowledge with us and motivated us to all-round development with their personal experience. The biblical basis for leadership ministry and practical exercises helped me to once again think about my vocation and review those areas and directions of my ministry that need to be improved. While studying other disciplines and looking at examples from the history of specific cities, we learned to identify and analyze important historical and economic factors that can affect our practical ministry in cities.” 


Evheniy Utkin, student of the Transformative Leadership Program, methodologist of the UETS Department of Theology.


“The session on the Transformative Leadership Program was well planned and helped to look at Leadership from both a theoretical and a practical point of view. As for the theoretical part, the group was able to reflect on what it means to be a leader in light of the Pentateuch books. As for the second aspect, instructors’ practical experience helped to reflect on different ways of how a leader can be effective at that very place where he is.”


Yelyzaveta Dymchenko, student of the Fundamentals of Christian Care and Psychological Counseling program:


“I really like studying at the seminary. This session was the first of three in an offline mode, and it was something incredible. We really like how information is presented to us, and it’s also great that there are people of different ages in our group, and even so, everyone feels comfortable. I believe that not only people who want to become psychologists but also anyone who wants to get to know themselves, God, and the people around them better should study the Fundamentals of Christian Care and Psychological Counseling. I highly recommend it.”

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