Merry Christmas!

Головна Merry Christmas!

Dear friends of UETS, let us extend to you our warmest greetings this Christmas!


The war has made us appreciate things that matter even more. We appreciate the presence of those who share with us the danger and loss in Ukraine. We appreciate the presence of those who help us find our lost sense of home when we are in a foreign land. We appreciate the presence of those who are ready to go side by side in struggle, ministry, and in achieving difficult goals. And we appreciate each other’s presence in our lives—a presence in unity, caring, and sharing even at a distance.


But even more valuable for us is the epiphany, when God decided to be present among us so closely that he became a man. In the midst of uncertainty and occupation, but in expectation of hope, the Lord’s word came true: “God is with us.” God shows us His love by His presence and sympathizes with our weaknesses because, like us, He was tested in everything, and He promised to be with us all the days until the end of the age.


We would like to convey our deepest gratitude to you, dear friends of the UETS community, for your continuous support and prayers, which enable us to keep carrying out God’s mission amidst all the challenges of war-torn Ukraine.


We wish you hope, peace, joy, and love in God’s presence! We wish you to share this presence with each other and manifest it where it is most needed!


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