Military Chaplains Conference Held at UETS

Головна Military Chaplains Conference Held at UETS

On November 20-24, 2023, UETS hosted a conference for army chaplains held by the Military Chaplaincy Department of the Ukrainian Evangelical Church. 


The participants of the four-day  conference completed an advanced vocational training course Military Chaplaincy in Ukraine: Theory and Practice. They listened to lectures in the ethics of chaplaincy, psychology, leadership, history of Ukraine, and leading ministry for families of chaplains.


All lectures were aimed at supporting the chaplains in their service and helping them to make their ministries to the military and their families more effective. The chaplains devoted the time free from lectures to mutual prayers, services, informal communication, and could share the joys and complexities of their own experience of service with their fellow ministry co-workers.  


We are very glad that 50 conference participants successfully completed the course and received a certificate of advanced qualifications, and at the same time, they had an opportunity to renew their strength for continuing their important ministry in the war-torn Ukraine. 


With Ukraine approaching the end of the second year of the full-scale war, the need for army chaplains to support Ukrainian soldiers both psychologically and spiritually is greater than ever. 


With the Law on Military Chaplaincy adopted recently, Ukrainian military chaplains are now officially a separate structure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and can be contracted to serve in the army. Yet this requires them to receive proper training in a number of areas so as to comply with professional requirements.


Considering one of the biggest needs in the country which is fighting against the aggressor and the unprecedented opportunity to serve the Ukrainian servicemen and war veterans, UETS is thankful to have an opportunity to make its contribution into training army chaplains and encouraging them to pursue their mission so that many Ukrainian soldiers receive timely support and see the love of Christ through so-needed care by chaplains.


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