New Alliance of Theological Schools

Головна New Alliance of Theological Schools

On November 7-10, Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary participated in the Inaugural General Assembly held to establish a new international alliance of theological educational institutions.


The online meeting was joined by around 70 representatives of different theological schools from Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Netherlands, Austria, USA and other countries. 


The mission of the newly-established alliance is to nurture a collaborative community of evangelical educational institutions, primarily in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, foster communities of practice, exchange resources and experience, ensure a quality assurance system, advance research in the field theology, etc. 


In the meeting, the participants voted for the name of the alliance, members of the Interim Board and other issues on the agenda. Also, the participants discussed vital sustainability and strategic plan, mission and membership memorandum of the Alliance. 


We are grateful to God for the new opportunities in advancing His Kingdom open for multiple theological schools in the war-torn Ukraine due to the partnership with one another and theological institutions in other countries. We believe that this initiative will boost cooperation raise quality of theological education overall even at this challenging time.


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