New Short-Term Program Launched

Головна New Short-Term Program Launched



We are glad to announce an opening of a new short-term program “The Mission of Church in a Wartime”. The program is a discussion platform aimed at searching for solutions and an environment where ministers and volunteers will generate answers to the difficult questions caused by the war.


We designed the program in a way to create an environment in which church ministers will not only be able to get the necessary knowledge but also find and shape their answers to difficult questions and challenges caused by the war, such as: “What is the mission of the church in a wartime?”, “How to serve the displaced people and families separated by the war?”, “How to care for those who have had a traumatic experience?”.


The war caused many challenges for Christian communities and ministers. This motivated us to create a new program that would answer specific requests of ministers formed in the wartime conditions.


The program was designed based on the information we received through interviewing church ministers from various denominations and cities in Ukraine. The gathered insights allowed us to put the main focus of this program on the real needs and challenges that churches face today, as well as the areas that need to be improved and developed.

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