Persecuted Church Needs Prayers

Головна Persecuted Church Needs Prayers

Attack on religious freedom is one of the first things following the occupation by the Russian army. As a matter of fact, the Russian occupiers have been persecuting Christians in the occupied territories of Ukraine since the very beginning of the full-scale invasion. 


There have been numerous occasions when the Russian military interfered with church services and even stopped them. Evangelical Christians, especially pastors and other church ministers are persecuted or even kidnapped. Church buildings are looted, searched and seized to be later used as military bases or barracks, not to mention around 500 church buildings which have been damaged or completely destroyed.  


Protestant ministers regularly face allegations of collaboration with ‘enemies’ from the West, search of churches and homes, seizure of electronic devices and other personal items, risk of forced mobilization… Congregations, of course, are prohibited to pray about Ukraine or even gather. 


Analysts believe that occurrences of religious repressions are not occasional. They are a part of a purpose-driven campaign aimed at systematic eradication of “unwanted” religious organizations and enforced popularization of the Russian Orthodox church of Moscow patriarchate which is the only church which is allowed to function in the occupied territories.


On the other hand, churches in the territories controlled by the Ukrainian government which are close to the frontline are also going through difficult times. Some of them try to continue holding their services, though the attendance has significantly dropped. Some have ceased to exist because their congregations are scattered all around Ukraine and abroad. 


It is written as a reminder to keep praying about the war-torn Ukraine, in particular our brothers and sisters in Christ in the occupied territories who are going through persecutions as well those who continue serving under the risk of shelling or other tough circumstances.


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