UETS Continues its Educational Mission in Central Asia

Головна UETS Continues its Educational Mission in Central Asia

Despite internal challenges in relation to the full-scale war underway in Ukraine, UETS, being committed to its educational mission in Central Asia, continues equipping local church leaders to carry out their ministry in the unfriendly Muslim environment.


On January 15-19, 2024, the latest study session of the Applied Theology non-residential extension program was held. Today, unlike several years ago when UETS faculty used to travel to the region, the teaching is conducted online for obvious reasons.  


During the session, 16 third-year students from Central Asia delved deeply into the history and theology of the Evangelical Church. They raised many questions and had meaningful discussions with their lecturer on this subject in the context of their ministry, church membership, everyday Christian life, and family matters.


They also showed particular interest in questions related to fruits of the Spirit in Church and at home, carrying out effective ministry in the context of Islam, and building interdenominational relations with the Orthodox Church.


The students completed the session full of enthusiasm and readiness to apply the newly acquired insights in their ministry so as to strengthen the Church Church and transform society in countries of Central Asia.


We thank God for the religious freedom and Christian education opportunities which He has provided for us in Ukraine and an opportunity to support and equip our brothers and sisters in Christ in regions like Central Asia where Christian education is not welcome so that they are able to effectively carry out their mission of building God’s Kingdom in the region.

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