UETS Launches New Programs as Response to War Challenges

Головна UETS Launches New Programs as Response to War Challenges

This academic year, as a response to the challenges caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine, UETS has launched several new programs, namely programs in Art Therapy, Fundamentals of Leadership and Worship, and Family Ministry. In October, students of these programs have already visited the UETS campus for their first study sessions or joined those online.


As part of the Art Therapy Program, our students are being trained to help people build their psychological resilience through art. This approach has proved to be especially effective when working with various traumatic experiences. Thus, it will become of great support for ministers serving people affected by the war.


The Fundamentals of Leadership and Worship Program has been created as a response to many churches’ need to restore or build up their worship ministry literally from scratch as a result of the war which has caused many musicians and performers, most of whom were women, to flee to other places. Thus, this short-term Program is aimed at training competent ministers in the sphere of church worship, who would be equipped both professionally and theologically.


The Family Ministry Program is the UETS response to the family crisis in Ukraine caused by families’ separation due to the war. Unfortunately, as many relationships deteriorate as a result of such separation, many families resort to divorce, not finding a way to reconcile. As part of this Program, we train married couples to effectively serve other families in their local churches and outside them, providing them with competent advice and resources as to how to strengthen and restore trusted intimate relationships and build happy and successful families according to biblical principles, thus implementing God’s plan and vision for marriage.


We pray that these students who have committed themselves to pursuing education in the areas needed to serve in the context of the new challenges of the war-affected Ukraine help to restore and grow churches in Ukraine and become God’s answer to the needs of many people who are suffering as a result of the ongoing war. 

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