UETS Receives Government Licensing

Головна UETS Receives Government Licensing

We are happy to share with you that Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary has received the licensing of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. 


This achievement we have being dreaming about and working towards for a long time must be viewed through the prism of the fact that around three decades ago Ukraine was still a part of the Soviet Union where Christians were regularly facing persecutions and any attempt to systematically train church ministers would have been punished with imprisonment. 


The government recognition of the Applied Theology program, along with the accreditation from the European Council for Theological Education, which is a registered agency on the European Quality Assurance Registers, opens new ministry opportunities.    


The possibility to award formal degrees is not only about continuous enhancement of the quality of the theological programs we offer, but also partnership with the Ukrainian government in the context of training, for example, chaplains, aid workers and other ministers to serve the war-affected Ukrainian society. 


We are grateful to God for being able to live and minister in the country which is one of the most open countries in the world in terms of religious freedom. Considering the role of Christians amid the ongoing war, Ukraine is ripe for church growth, which, in turn, translates into the greater need of well-trained and equipped ministers.


Pray please so that Ukrainian Christians can continue enjoying this freedom currently threatened by the aggression of the Russian Federation which, prosecuting Christians in the occupied territories, is intolerable to any religious diversity. 

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