Evanhelina Khabarova

My first impression from UETS can be discribed in three words: interest, workload and productivity. During the first week I felt a serious workload, because I was asked to write a research work and accompany a song. At first, I was scared of the amount of work we had to do – it seemed impossible, but when I started writing an essay, I realized that it is not so difficult, even interesting. It’s good that I’m not allowed to sit idle here.


The people in the seminary are very friendly: everyone says hello to me and asks me how things are, even though we don’t even know each other. When I first entered my dormitory room, I felt that I was happy here, and I was at home here.


I was really surprised by a well-organized work program. Everyone does their own part and covers the needs of others, everyone is ready to help and support.

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