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Who We Are

Established in 1992, Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary (UETS) is a leading higher educational Christian institution in the post-Soviet region, training indigenous leaders to strengthen the church and transform society in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

There are 50 faculty and staff at UETS, 16 partnering denominations, 7 regional training centers in Ukraine and one in Central Asia.

What We Do

  1. We train 500 spiritual leaders a year, impacting post-Soviet countries;
  2. We impact Central Asia by training Evangelical leaders who work in Muslim contexts;
  3. As an interdenominational institution, we collaborate with 16 Evangelical denominations and many Christian churches and organizations;
  4. We work together with international partners from the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and various countries for the sake of God’s Kingdom;
  5. Through the ministry of our students, staff, board-members, graduates and supporters, we address current issues facing the church such as trauma, war, and refugees.
  6. We invite you to partner with us!



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Украинская евангельская теологическая семинария

Наш адрес:

Ул. Квитки Цисык, 57 (11 линия)

Пуща-Водица, г. Киев. Тел.: 0-800-508-812

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А/с 8, г. Киев, 04075